The Lecce limestone is a unique mineral and it is an integral part of the Apulian culture. I thought the project would make sense only if it was a way to tell the history of this territory and region. The inspiration came observing the relationship among the natural key elements of this landscape: earth, water and sky. The bald and rough ground on one side, the sea and the deep blue sky on the other: an harmonic contrast which embodies one of the most fascinating natural expressions of Apulia. Hence the idea of a tray in which the main part of the body is made of pure white Lecce limestone, while the central part - as a window on the sky - is a disc of endless blue perfectly reflective, without boundaries. The word "fundu" in Apulian dialect means exactly the bottom of the sea and, therefore, the deep blue of its waters.

Year / 2012

for Pimar

Visit: Pimar

Ph. Diego Vencato
Ph. Laura Chiarotto