TIMEREEL : branding

Yonder Labs asked me to find a name and to design the logo for their news reader application.
The app is a news aggregator that aims to gather information by subtracting it to the great background noise and returning it to the reader in a structured form.
The basic difference with the majority of other similar apps is that it builds the “story” of the news you are reading: you choose a news and the app gives you back all the past related news, going deep into the history of that topic.
It`s a kind of “slow food” fruition of the news, the opposite of the common “fast food” concept.
So people can improve their knowledge and have a wide view on the historical development of a specific topic.
The name we found for the app is TIMEREEL.
The name makes it clear that we are facing an application where the key element is the concept of “time”, and with the fact that the reading of news will be related to their temporal placement.
This means that the set of news related to a topic will exactly form a “story”.