PIGMENTI : researches

This collection is the starting point of a new generation of architecture and design surfaces for Gypsum.
Working around a new and evolved form of concrete with subtle qualities, we decided to work on colour and surface. We wanted to give this ancient construction material a new visual language.
Gypsum, in this very case, gave us the chance to join a highly technical and industrial concrete with their sensibility and superlative craftmanship.
The result is a delicate material, whose softness is revealed by a surface offering velvet-like tactile sensations.
The color then joins the concrete in an organic and gentle relationship, and gives the material an intense depth in exchange with light. This characteristic, together with the thinness of the finishing, removes the traditional perception of a rough material and gives the concrete a precious dimension.
Pigmenti is a collection of surfaces resistant to all types of dirt and is suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications, for architecture and industrial design in the home and the contract market.