Event: HOUSE IN MOTION by INTERNI magazine, Università degli Studi di Milano, Milan Design Week 2018.

Zurigo, recently re-edited by Fratelli Guzzini, is the suspension lamp designed in 1966 by Luigi Massoni for the company: three quarters of sphere with enveloping volumes, which will establish a standard formal inspiration for other designers.
In Curves, the installation by Marco Merendi and Diego Vencato in the Entrance Porch of the Courtyard of Honor, the lamps Zurigo are presented superimposed and suspended to form 4 monochrome chandeliers.
This compositions, together with the light desired by the two designers, are designed to highlight the geometry of Zurigo and to make it dialogues with the architectural space. There are also some floor displays that tell the story path taken by Fratelli Guzzini in the world of lighting. A path which includes Soirée, the new project signed by Merendi and Vencato: a rechargeable and portable LED lamp, which is the ideal junction between the history and the future of the Italian company.